Why house blessings are becoming such a popular phenomenon for your home or business property?

In our current situation especially there are many reasons to want to welcome change and new beginnings or transitions that occur in our life. In terms of our home or business premises we might be moving into a new property, or want to freshen things up after redecoration, or welcome a new addition to the family. With these new beginnings we might want to bestow good intentions and affirmations for the future, and these would be an integral part of your blessing ceremony. 

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Why have a house blessing?

A house blessing is really a way to fill your home with positive energy, love, harmony, health, happiness, and prosperity. For centuries, many different cultures have blessed their homes in certain ways, many religious faiths have house blessings but there are also spiritual and non-religious options. Because your house is an extension of your body and spirit, a house blessing can help welcome positive energy into your space and life. Similarly these non-denominational blessings can be adapted for Schools, Community areas and Commercial properties.

When would I have one? 

House blessings can be done at any time, so not only before you move into a new space but when you want to bless a space you already inhabit in a new way. You might choose to do a house blessing when a new partner moves in or a baby comes into your household. After redecorating you might want to refresh the energy in your home or you may want a house blessing to renew energy after there has been separation, illness, or sadness. You might want to acknowledge a new start or new chapter in your life and invite fresh energy into your life and home. You may be a first time buyer or moving in together permanently, getting divorced, moving to a new area or down-sizing for a variety of reasons.

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What happens during a house blessing?

It is important to clean the area to be blessed whether it is the house, your office, a nursery, or even a business premises. Clutter blocks the flow of positive energy and can be quite negative, so once this is done it allows the new energy in and the blessing can begin. The celebrant would follow a process of cleansing the space and smudging which involves burning white sage to clear energy out and cleanse the building.The elements of the ceremony involve various aspects for those involved and may include guests or friends; there can be readings, rituals, music and blessings (prayers if wanted). 

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There are many options, there can be readings and those present can be involved in reading and for example holding the candle if you so choose. Some people chose to call on or remember their ancestors, others choose a ceremony involving the four elements, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, or use crystals, and some people prefer something much simpler. The key aspects involve setting your personal intentions in terms of dreams and plans and these are followed by your house dweller promises. Most importantly, together we create the ceremony you are comfortable with and that suits your energy and your wishes.

About the author. 

I am Amanda a modern quirky celebrant who believes in helping couples have the ceremony they deserve with real freedom of choice and personalisation. I offer a range of bespoke ceremonies including but not limited to house blessings, weddings, and baby namings. I have a very open minded can do attitude to your ceremony, ensuring it’s written with you, for you, in the way that says everything you want it to. I regularly write for various magazines and have been featured on thrive global on several occasions.   

For a local ceremony the prices is £250. Please find details of all ceremonies on my website http://www.amandasceremonies.com

Tel: 07311 431754

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